Adam John Manley is Associate Professor of Furniture Design and Woodworking at San Diego State University. Adam’s personal work engages with ideas embedded in furniture, craft, place, and historical and environmental context. His large-scale installations and sculptural objects explore our relationship to place, time, and experience by way of familiar objects. He uses confounding amalgamations to re-contextualize objects and their associations. Adam creates points of contact between people, environments, and relatable objects.

Kerianne Quick is currently Associate Professor of Jewelry and Metalwork at San Diego State University. Through her creative practice, Kerianne aims to tell hidden stories through objects – by considering source, conveyance, and material specificity. Her research is rooted in exploring craft and materiality as cultural phenomena with an emphasis on jewelry and personal adornment. Kerianne has produced several bodies of material specific work considering subject matters that range from communal sheep farming practices in the Orkney Isles to the derelict brickyards of New York’s Hudson Valley. She is currently researching contemporary forms of portable wealth.