Issue 5: Games

Issue 5: Games, was completed in July of 2020. Four months into the Covid-19 pandemic. It felt simultaneously inappropriate and cathartic to publish an issue entitled “Games”, during what was proving to become a uniquely horrible year moment in history. In a way, it was difficult not to read the works contained within this fantastic […]

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Issue 4: Labels

Issue 4: Labels was completed in January 2020. Labels was Jam packed with content. This issue opens with a lovely piece of writing on the idea of “labels” from Anthony Lovenheim Irwin, entitled Labels and the Residue of Meaning. This feature introduces us to the ideas the spawned the entire issue, asking questions about what […]

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Issue 3: Shifts

Issue 3: Shifts is complete and is being shipped to subscribers! Like Issues 1 and 2, we made issue 3 as a limited edition, in this case 100, so get on board fast if you want to see all this tasty content. Issue 3: SHIFTS features two awesome interviews/essays and another lovely bit of prose. […]

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Issue 2: Drive

Issue 2: Drive, features two more fantastic interviews and a piece of creative writing ruminating on the theme. It features cover art by Maik Jimenez, as well as a special surprise piece of SWAG with his imagery emblazoned on it. In issue 2: Tristan Shone (Stage name “Author and Punisher“) creates intense, driving, industrial music […]

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Issue 1: Drifters

The inaugural issue of CRAFT DESERT : Drifters features interviews with scott b. davis, and Marina Elenskaya/Sarah Mesritz of Current Obsession. Our first guest writer is artist and Director of the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Paul Sacaridiz. Scott b. davis is a photographer and platinum printer – whose hand-built cameras and meticulous processes capture stunning […]

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